Monday, October 10, 2011

Matcha Tsubu'an Macaron Pops & Congratulations!

Tadaa!  Did you guess it right?  Did you did you did you??? :D

Matcha Tsubu'an Macaron Pops, or Green Tea Powder Sweetened Red Bean Paste Macaron Pops.  Goodness!  What a mouthful!  haha  The recipe for this one will be up on the next post.  =D  I promise that the marriage of these two flavors are sooo wonderful, you'll be dreaming about it.  At least I did, and I am now again...

Here's the congratulatory part...  I don't have a cake, I couldn't be there, and I don't have a bouquet of flowers, but I have a bouquet of macaron pops for a dear, dear friend who just recently got married.

Pei Pei, I just wanted to say congratulations again, and sorry for the botched surprise, all thanks to a certain Ms. K.  ahem ahem...  Here's to wishing you a life full of wonderful sweetness, all rolled up into a colorful bouquet of happiness!  xoxoxoxoxo  p/s:  Ms. K, regardless of any botched surprise or not, I still love ya!


  1. I love the idea too, btw how easy it will get stick on it? Will it crack or fall apart easily?

  2. Sonia & Hankerie, I loved the idea too, but unfortunately it's not an Amanda original. ^^ I saw it on Ms. Tartelette's blog and loved it so much I had to try.

    Hankerie, it's not hard to get it to stick on tsubu'an, where the filling is rather thick. I tried it on a different filling before where it's more liquidy, and those doesn't work. So I'm gonna venture to say that if your choice of filling is thicker (e.g. ganache or tsubu'an) you should be able to stick it on pretty easily. Cracking, well, I had one or two crack on me because of how dainty macarons are to begin with, definitely not because of the sticks. Hope this helps :)

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