Monday, October 10, 2011

Matcha Tsubu'an Macaron Pops & Congratulations!

Tadaa!  Did you guess it right?  Did you did you did you??? :D

Matcha Tsubu'an Macaron Pops, or Green Tea Powder Sweetened Red Bean Paste Macaron Pops.  Goodness!  What a mouthful!  haha  The recipe for this one will be up on the next post.  =D  I promise that the marriage of these two flavors are sooo wonderful, you'll be dreaming about it.  At least I did, and I am now again...

Here's the congratulatory part...  I don't have a cake, I couldn't be there, and I don't have a bouquet of flowers, but I have a bouquet of macaron pops for a dear, dear friend who just recently got married.

Pei Pei, I just wanted to say congratulations again, and sorry for the botched surprise, all thanks to a certain Ms. K.  ahem ahem...  Here's to wishing you a life full of wonderful sweetness, all rolled up into a colorful bouquet of happiness!  xoxoxoxoxo  p/s:  Ms. K, regardless of any botched surprise or not, I still love ya!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Take a guess??

Do take a guess, what's coming up next? ;)

Hint:  It's a culture crossover XD  heheee