Who? What?

Who's this Amanda person?  

 Growing up, I almost never have to cook for my family.  There are two levels of kitchen authority taking care of business before it's my turn, namely:  grandma & mom.  They've always been, and always will be, my inspiration to be better in the kitchen department.

Grandma always made awesome, home-cooked goodies.  Her dishes were the epitome of down-to-earth, just like the woman behind the dishes.  No superficial decorations or garnishing, just delicious, nutritious food that was cooked with a heart full of love.

Mommy didn't cook much not because of her work schedule.  However, that did not mean she didn't bake.  My love for baked goods has to come from her, who else could there be?? XD  I remember the days when she would come home from work and make raisin buns, just because her daughter requested for it.  It would be 11pm at night and the aroma of freshly baked buns drafting over from the kitchen...  This memory always put a smile on my face.

Going to college puts ME in charge of my own food.  I wasn't beyond helpless in the kitchen, but I wasn't good either.  My repertoire probably consisted of less than 10 dishes.  Mommy emailed me recipes and grandma orally passed down some of her own recipes when I asked (too little if you asked me now...)  When I went home for holidays one year, mommy started teaching me how to make cheesecakes, and that was it.  There was no return beyond that point, although, come to think of it, there were no warning signboards or any disclaimer forms indicating the addictive level of it all.  Not that I mind. ^.^

Over the years, I've learned some more, failed even more, burnt lots, and deflated tons.  Somehow, I kept going back into the kitchen like an Energizer bunny.  It was always fun, always challenging, always comforting, always different, always interesting...  So what if I failed today?  I'll go back to the books, the recipes, online resources, ask around, go over videos, and try again.  I remember mommy gave me one piece of advice before I headed out to college.  She said:  "Remember when you used to learn piano, and you kept hitting the wrong notes?  You always go back try again, kept practicing at it until you got it.  Whatever you do in life, it's the same.  Keep trying.  Don't give up."  I remember mommy, I remember...

Anyhow, I'm starting this blog to chronicle the fun I'm having, or troubles I'm causing, in my kitchen, to share the tips, techniques, and recipes that I've picked up along my journey.  I'm not a professional, just an amateur cook who loves to get herself covered in flour and in all sorts of kitchen trouble.  ^.^  Hopefully, there will be something useful and informative for your own playtime in your kitchen.

Enough of me now.  Let's head back into the kitchen and play some more now, shall we?